Is your team's chat platform Slack or Microsoft Teams? Are you able to add apps to your chat platform? 

If so, you can start your free trial immediately! 

You will have full access to all the features without limitations for 30 days. You don't need a credit card to start a trial, but if you want to continue using Nikabot after that, you can easily associate payment details with your Nikabot account.

To get started now, go to, click the button that says Add Nikabot to Slack or Add Nikabot to Teams and follow the instructions, or search for Nikabot on your Apps separator on Slack or Teams and add it to your team.

After you set it up, Nikabot will automatically start talking to the team members you activate, and they won't even need to sign up or learn any new commands.

Need help?

Check out our article about installing Nikabot or just poke our team of humans for a live chat.

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