The first thing you need to do is go to and click the button that says Add Nikabot to Slack.

Then, select your Slack workspace and Authorize the app.

Agree to our Privacy Policy.

OK, you've now created a Nikabot account for your team. 

Initial setup

We want to make sure you set things up properly in order to get the best results. So we'll take you through 3 steps in order to do the initial settings. You'll be able to change these whenever you want later.

Step 1 of 3 - Select users in your team

First, you need to select which members of your workspace will be active in Nikabot. These are the people that the bot will interact with on Slack and collect data from. You can start using Nikabot with a small team of key people active and progressively roll it out to others, or just let Nikabot talk to everyone from the start.

Step 2 of 3 - Check your team settings

Make sure everything is set up for your team, and that you understand what your options are. A few things you should pay attention to:

  • Team Log Time: you can set a time at which Nikabot will ask your team members what they worked on. But you can also decide whether Nikabot should message them if they're away on Slack at that time or if she should wait until they're back on Slack. People can later override these settings in their own Profile.
  • Roles and Permissions: if you're in a small team, it might be OK to let anyone create and manage projects, but if your team can't fit into a room anymore, limiting this task for admins only will help you keep your data clean and consistent. You should also decide if you want to let non-admin users see data on the rest of the company, otherwise, they'll only see their individual info.
  • Admins: make sure you grant admin status to all the managers and key people in your organization, especially if you've restricted some permissions to admins only

Step 3 of 3 - Create some projects

Nikabot will let users pick from a list of projects to enter their work hours. As you can imagine, an empty list to pick from won't cause a great first impression. So why not go ahead and enter a few of the projects you have currently running? You can later create new ones on the fly as well.

Done, say hi to Nikabot!

Nikabot is now active in your Slack workspace. When it's time for the daily question, she'll introduce herself to your team and start interacting with them. 

You can now relax and let Nikabot bring you the data :)

What's next?

Check out some best practices for onboarding your team.

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