If you subscribed to Nikabot but the Trial Version top banner is showing up on your Report Center, this may mean you aren't logged in with the team that subscribed to Nikabot.

Nikabot's subscriptions are associated with either a Slack workspace, or an MS Teams' team. If your company only subscribed to Nikabot on Slack, the Teams' subscription won't be active, and users won't be able to log their time through Teams after the trial is over.

If your teammates use both Slack and Teams, we recommend opting for one of the platforms for your team, and only activating the Nikabot subscription and time-tracking on that platform, to avoid duplicate and scattered records.

If your company is split among different workspaces or teams, you can subscribe to Nikabot with each of these teams, and access each Report Center with a login from the corresponding workspace or team.

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