If you're a Nikabot admin, when you go to your Team Settings page, you will be able to change your team's Work hours policy. This includes changing the Workday duration, and the Work schedule policy.

The Workday duration changes how many hours your team's users are expected to log every workday. This number affects how missing hours are calculated and, depending on the Work schedule policy, what reminders and alerts your team receives. This setting affects all of your team members.

As for the Work schedule policy, when your team's policy is set to Strict, each teammate is expected to log the workday duration for each workday. This means that every day that has fewer hours logged than the workday duration will either appear in red (if there are no logs for that day) or in red stripes (if there are fewer hours logged that the workday duration), and every day with more hours logged than the workday duration will appear as dark blue in the Report Center Team Overview page.

When your team's policy is set to Flexible, each user is expected to log an average of the workday duration per day during the selected time period. All days will appear gray since missing hours and overtime are not calculated daily. Missing hours and overtime are calculated for the complete time interval and presented in the panel on the top right corner of the Team Overview page.

Note: to receive reminders of missing entries, your team's Work schedule policy must be set to Strict. This way Nikabot will alert you to missing entries by the end of the month, or when you reply to her check-ins.

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