If you've been tracking your team, it's only natural to want to access the reports on the data that has been collected.

In the Nikabot Report Center, you can access detailed reports that will give you insight into how your team has been spending time, these are called the Overview pages.

You can filter and sort your reports to better suit your needs, and select different time periods for your analysis using the different calendar options (accessible by clicking on the time period on the top left corner of the calendar view).

These are the main types of reports you'll find in your team's Report Center:

Team Overview

This report lets you focus on your team, allowing you to see what everyone in your team is up to at a glance.

For anyone managing a team, the common use of this report is to check that everyone in your team is entering their hours correctly. You'll easily see who is missing hours so you can address it directly with them. The top header shows you a summary of hours completed and missing. Clicking the top-right panel shows you more details broken down by user.

If you're managing a team within a bigger organization, make sure you create a User Group for the people you're managing directly. This will allow you to filter the report and focus on that group, without getting distracted by everyone else.

Projects Overview

On this page, you can access an aggregated view of all the time tracked by your team, with a stats summary, a time distribution graph, and the projects' progress. This is followed by a detailed view of hours logged in each project, so you can better understand what has been going on in your team.

The Projects Overview report shows you the big picture of your business, which projects are consuming the most work hours, and how time is being distributed across multiple projects.

User Report

Most users will refer to this as the My Overview page, where they can enter their work logs and see insights such as total hours, distribution across projects, missing hours, and overtime. Admins can see an equivalent report on any user by clicking their name anywhere throughout the Report Center.

If you've configured your Team Settings to prevent non-admins from seeing other people's data, this is the only report page they'll have access to.

Project Report

By clicking a project's name anywhere in the Report Center, you will see this page. The Project Report gives you a detailed view of the project and the people that worked on it. It is used for jobs such as keeping projects within budget, billing clients' direct hours, and calculating hours spent on internal projects.

Time Off Report

By having a more complete picture of where your team is spending their time, you can plan their Time Off in advance.

With the Time Off report, you can access a yearly perspective of your team's time off, and you can see a specific period in more detail.

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