When entering your work log, instead of selecting a project from the list, scroll down on the list to pick from the different types of time off available. Admins can edit the list of options, but the default is: Day Off, Parental Leave, Sick Day, Vacation, and Public Holiday.

Note: On Slack, some options support logging multiple days if you schedule your time off, and Nikabot won't bother until you're back.

Schedule Time Off through Slack

Through the More Actions button, or by typing and sending help in your chat with Nikabot, you can access the Schedule Time Off button and follow the instructions.

Note: If the time off type you selected allows for Date range, you will be able to select a start and end date for your time off.

Schedule Time Off through MS Teams

This feature is yet to be available on Nikabot for MS Teams, but MS Teams users can schedule their time off through the Report Center.

Schedule Time Off through the Report Center

As a Nikabot admin, you can schedule public holidays and other kinds of time off for your team through the Team Overview page:

  1. Select the logs for the dates and users you wish to schedule,

  2. Click the Add button on the bottom of the page,

  3. Select the Time Off type and duration,

  4. Hit Save.

As a regular user, you can schedule your own time off on your personal Overview page using the same method.

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