If Nikabot is unresponsive on Slack or Teams, or not making a lot of sense, check the following:

Is Nikabot offline?

This can happen when someone installs Nikabot in a Slack workspace but doesn't finish the initial setup. If you're the person who signed up your team on Nikabot, you need to sign in on nikabot.com and follow the instructions. Learn more about the initial setup here.

Is Nikabot inactive for your team?

When a user adds Nikabot to their personal MS Teams account, instead of adding to a team, Nikabot will be inactive. You can go to Nikabot's app source page, click the arrow after the Add button, and then Add to a team or follow these instructions.

Is Nikabot saying that she can't talk to you or that your user is inactive?

In that case, you may be inactive for time tracking in Nikabot. Only people who are set to Active will get to talk to Nikabot and enter their work hours. An admin in your team needs to activate you in Nikabot by going to the Team Members page. Learn more about activating Nikabot for users.

Is Nikabot saying she doesn't understand what you say?

Whenever Nikabot asks you on Slack what you worked on, she won't accept any new messages until you enter your work hours for that day. Sometimes, you might have an unanswered question and not realize it unless you scroll up in your conversation. If you really can't find the pending question, you can just type your answer.

Did your team's trial or subscription expire?

If you are a Nikabot admin, you can check your Report Center to see if your team's subscription is active and, if it isn't, you can activate it using the button on the top banner.

Did you remove and re-add Nikabot to your team on Slack?

When Nikabot is deleted from Slack, it may take a day for the new instance to be reactivated. If you wish to get it re-activated as soon as possible, or if a day has already passed and the new instance of Nikabot isn't responsive yet, please get in contact with us, and one of our humans will be happy to help!

Is Nikabot not responding at all?

Not even when you say hi or help? If she's online but not responding to anything you say, or if she's not online but you are convinced she should be, you should get in touch with us. Please use the live chat or email us.

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