If you're convinced that Nikabot should have asked you about your workday but she went through the day without talking to you, don't worry, she's not giving you the silent treatment. Read on, there are a couple of important things you should know:

  • Are you active for time tracking?

    Nikabot checks in with users who are active for time tracking. One of your team's admins can check if your account is active and, if it isn't, they can activate it.

  • Were you online at the time when she was supposed to ask you?

    You can define a time for Nikabot to ask you the daily question but, if you're a Slack user, you can also define what to do if you're away from Slack at that time: she can either only message you when you're online (Do Not Disturb mode ON) or ask you anyhow at the pre-determined time (Do Not Disturb mode OFF). Most cases of people reporting Nikabot isn't talking to them are due to them not being online at the time Nikabot is checking nor after. In that case, we recommend setting an earlier time or having Nikabot ask you at the same time even if you're away.
    Remember, admins can set these preferences for the whole team in Team Settings, but users can override them in their Profile.

  • Is your time zone correct?

    If you are a Slack user, Nikabot gets the information about your time zone from your profile on Slack. You can check what time zone Nikabot thinks you're in by signing in and opening your Personal Preferences page. If you move to a different timezone, you should manually update your Slack profile. To do so, follow this link and edit your Time Zone.
    If you're a Teams user, you can set your timezone by using the set timezone command on your chat with Nikabot.

  • Were you initially added as a guest member to this Slack workspace?

    When guest users are changed into regular users in a Slack workspace, sometimes a new duplicate account will be created. The previous guest user account will be the account that's active for time tracking, and the new regular user account will be inactive. One of your team's admins can check if the correct account is active and, if it isn't, they can activate it.

If none of the above fixes the problem, get in touch with us through live chat or email.

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