All your team's reports and data are available in our Report Center, which you can get to from, by logging in using your Slack account.

Nikabot will give you a link to your team's Report Center on your first Slack conversation, but here's a handy tip: whenever she sends you a message with a blue title, you can click it to open the corresponding report or data.  

Or you can type help on a direct message with Nikabot and she will reply with the link to your team’s reports.

Getting reports in Slack

You can also ask Nikabot for a quick report in Slack, containing the total number of hours logged in a given time period and distribution through people or projects. Use the following syntax:

report <start date>, <end date> 

Instead of mentioning a start and end date, you can name a month or a full quarter. Examples:

report last monday, today
report 2016/05/01, 2016/05/31
report Q3
report September

Once you get the report for the right dates, you'll be able to select a specific user or project.

Who can see the reports?

Admins have full permissions to see all the reports and data from your team. What non-admins see is determined by the Permissions option in your Team Settings. If you set it up so that only admins can see all the team's data and reports, then non-admins will only have access to their Overview page, and no other data from anyone in the team.

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