You can export all the data in CSV files. The Export button is located in the top right corner in your team's report center.

For a sample file, visit the demo and click the Export button.

What data can I export?

The exported data is determined by the report page you're in, along with the date range and active filters. The Team Overview and User Report (a.k.a. My Logs) produce a file with raw work logs, one per row. The Projects Overview exports one row per project, with aggregated data.

You can export all projects and all team members from the respective pages, under Manage.

How to customize the data format

After clicking the Export button, you can select the columns that are included in the CSV file. Just click the Columns field to display the available fields and select one from the list. You can change the order by dragging the columns. For example, this would help you create a CSV that uses the Project Ref ID instead of the project name, so you can import Nikabot's data into your accounting software.

The export dialog also allows to change the date range, date format and exclude the table headerĀ 

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