Yes, when Nikabot asks you what you worked on, you can type your answer instead of using the dropdown lists and buttons. Just use the following syntax:

<Time> <Project Name> (<Notes>)

Time and Notes are optional. You can enter multiple projects with commas. Here are some examples: 

8h Project A
Project A, Project B
2h Project A, 4.5h Project B
20% Project A, 80% Project B
20% Internal (team review meeting), 80% Project Z (project kick off)

When you don't specifically say an amount of hours or when you use percentages, the number of hours will be calculated based your team's workday duration (it's 8 hours by default but admins can change it on the preferences page).

You must enter existing projects with the correct spelling.

Please note that this works on Slack, only immediately after Nikabot asks you what you worked on. It won't work if you just type the above out of context or when Nikabot isn't expecting it.

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