Daily Check-in

Whenever Nikabot asks you what you worked on today in Slack, you can simply select one or several projects and the time you spent on each one.

You can also select a Time Off option from the bottom of the list, such as a vacation or a sick day.

Additionally, you can enter notes for each project (the button to Add Notes appears after you save your selection). This is a great way to add granularity and mark project milestones, tasks, or whatever you agreed to with your team.

Slack commands

You can log time using one of the following commands when talking to Nikabot:

log today

log yesterday
log last tuesday
log March 29
log 29/03/2016
log 2016-03-29

Report Center

In your personal Overview page, click on the day you want to log, fill out the form in the dialogue that appears, and click on the Save changes button.

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