Nikabot is a time tracking tool with planetary impact for teams that use Slack or Microsoft Teams. It helps you understand where your team is spending its time, compare your estimations with actual time spent, calculate billable time for clients, and give managers in your organization a clear understanding of what the team is doing, and plants trees at the same time, helping your team become carbon neutral.

Nikabot helps you by focusing on three things:

  • Making sure everyone in your team enters their logs accurately and on time, saving you from the tedious task of chasing everyone about it and them backlogging weeks at a time. 

  • Generating reports and insights with the collected data, so you can focus on making decisions and not on crunching data.

  • Contributing to offset your carbon emissions by planting trees when your team inputs their time.

How does Nikabot work?

Nikabot uses a chatbot to collects data from your team in a non-intrusive, low effort approach. The bot checks in with your team members every day and asks one simple question: "what did you work on today?". She then uses this info to create reports and insights that show you what everyone in your team is doing and how each project is going. Your team members don't have to remember anything, they simply need to reply to Nikabot when asked.

Unlike other time tracking tools, Nikabot focuses heavily on having a light-touch input mechanism, making sure friction is low, user adoption is high and data is accurate.

After subscribing to Nikabot, whenever your team reaches 70 check-in replies, Nikabot will plant a tree for your team.

Who uses Nikabot?

Companies that need to know accurately how much time is spent on each project, without the pain of having to chase people around to fill in their timesheets. It's great for agencies and project-oriented teams.

Nikabot is used by hundreds of creative agencies, software companies, startups, and consultants, who use the data to make great management decisions, bill customers with more precision and submit hours for tax relief programs.

You will benefit from using Nikabot if you find yourself in one of these situations

  • You have to be constantly reminding everyone to update their timesheets, something both you and your team find annoying

  • You end up with reports that are missing hours and don't give you the full picture of what's really going on

  • You feel people are simply backlogging weeks at once with little accuracy, leaving you with unreliable data that you can't base decisions on

  • You are tired of dealing with spreadsheets and overcomplicated tools that keep you away from doing productive work

  • You've never tracked your team's time before, but you feel that having that type of hard data would help you understand your business better

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